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Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
That's funny because in the Coyote 5.0's ,SN-95's and SN-93's you can.I've never seen a driveshaft break on me and I was double the factory HP and now I'm triple with an upgraded driveshaft for weight savings.
Maybe (just maybe) that's because GTs are targeted at a more performance oriented crowd to begin with, so they beef it up a bit knowing the cars can and will be pushed harder.

FWIW, how many incidents of cylinder failure have there been in 2011-12 V6s?

Unless there are incidents of V6 driveshaft breakage under normal operating conditions that are anything more frequent than unfortunate isolated cases, I think Ford did its due diligence. As I said earlier, please direct me to a reliable and verifiable news story of Mustang driveshaft failures, and not an interwebz post.

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