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Originally Posted by stuabroad View Post
So excuse my confusion here. This thread started off with the above quote which linked DS failure rates to those imposing a load on that part by adding after market 'performance upgrades' for which the part was not designed. Specifically 3.73 / 4/.10 gearing.

The thread then morphed into a discussion about km/mph top speeds as being the issue:

As someone who's about to drop in 3.73 gears this weekend and aware that you need to be careful about any upgraded part's dependencies...should i be expecting to kill myself shortly or should i go buy a new DS? I have no intention on driving through town at 130mph and most of my time i'll be non-highway.

Plain English please, cheers.
I started this thread okay,not to scare people.I would like Ford to acknowlege there is a problem with the 3.7 driveshaft.I was using 3.73 and 4.10 as an example.You are increasing the driveshafts rpm when you change to either of these gears.I would personally upgrade my driveshaft as my first mod that's just me.

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