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Originally Posted by steviedon View Post
Well, I'll attempt my best @ diplomatically playing both sides. At first glance, from a logical engineering perspective, ford dropped the ball on the V6 shaft. A hollow shaft with the CV essentially in the middle, is going to get out of wack @ some RPM. Now what that RPM is and whether it is the owner's fault for exceeding the limitations is somewhat debatable, that's all I have to offer. I WILL be uprgrading my DS in the near future just for peace of mind. Is Ford expected to do anything really though? Why would they recall/change it? A large portion of V6 drivers report the apprehension of exceeding 115 , or tracking their car on a stock DS...please? AFAIK the stock DS is sufficient unless the you exceed the 115-120 mark......then an aftermarket option is on you.
But Ford Racing is offering the gears to exceed the driveshafts rpm's limits.All I ask is for Ford to be logical about this.They do offer a racing division right?I don't want any of my fellow Mustang enthuist to be injured.There's no amount of money that can justify a humans life.I've lost a few friends to racing both cars and motorcycles.

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