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Ford chose to make the drive shaft how it is for a variety of reasons. From a performance standpoint it is not the best design, but nothing in this vehicle or any street vehicle is engineered from a performance standpoint only. You are complaining, if im correct, because of you installing aftermarket gears which ford sells, not specifically for this vehicle, the mustang v6, but any mustang, which could lead to a drive shaft failure at a speed that is extremely dangerous to travel at. At a drag strip down the 1/4 mile you will never see more than 130 MPH from this car, unless heavily modified, and if you do, you would be an idiot not to have upgraded the driveshaft. Ford chose the design based off fuel economy, price, performance, their parts suppliers, and many other details. To single out one aspect of this car, performance, and then to single out one specific drivetrain component, the drive shaft, and say that because of the choices ford made it is unsafe is asinine. If this car was a formula one car then it would be asinine. This is a mustang v6 with a 31 mpg highway rating sold to 16 year old girls- 99 year old racers. Their is a reason the speed limiter is in place. Their is a reason the car only comes with 3.31 gears from the factory and their is a reason that ford chose to use the shaft they did. For you to say that because Ford offers aftermarket performance gears it should include a performance driveshaft in the stock trim doesn't make much sense at all. I guess because they sell an aftermarket CAI they should just include that too? Or because they offer the ford racing supercharger for the 5.0 the engine should just be forged internally from the factory to prevent the bottom end from blowing? The answer is simple. This specific product is marketed to a specific audience. If you want all the performance parts from the factory on the vehicle you need to step up to a gt or a gt500 or a boss 302. Ford gives you many options

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