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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
I've ask before and I'll ask again... Is there anything to substantiate that these claims were (1) more than a couple of isolated flukes or... (2) truly at normal driving speed and not some guy saying he was at normal driving speed when in fact he was pushing the limits and ... (3) why is the not a single news story to be found about a driveshaft failure issue, tragic mishap / loss of life, etc - the only "reports" are forum posts and youtube vids (on dynos at high speed with a "road" that rotates under the wheels - totally different physics than driving on the surface of a planet)
Well, that was sort of my point originally, if it weren't for these forums, none of us would even be aware of these issues, unless you knew someone it happened to... so without this being massively publicized, and linked to possible injury and/or death, the only people who are going to care are those of us on the forums.

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