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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
There have been none that could be proved to be under 80 MPH. The driveshaft that snapped on the dyno had at the very least a tuner and he went past the speed limiter to 162 MPH on the stock shaft. It only makes sense that it might break... or it might not. How do you know that the shafts that broke weren't just mechanically deficit from the factory and would have broken anyway. Rest assured ford did plenty of R&D, they did their job, your stock driveshaft wont explode on you going under 80 or WOT or racing. I have taken my car up to 100 and past with no vibrations or shudders in the drive line. If you want to play past 115 then get a new ds especially if you have 3.73 gears.
I'm not arguing with you, because I don't know the facts... but where/how do you claim that? I have heard the exact opposite more than once on these forums, so once again... how do you know?

Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post, until/IF I get 3.73's I won't be changing out my driveshaft, not because it's not smart, but because I rarely street race, haven't been on the track, and only occasional go over 100... not to mention, if a stock 305 horsepower car can't handle 100 MPH speeds, then I'd say the entire car is a POS and not just the driveshaft! (I know, that's a ridiculous statement to make, just having fun). But yeah, if/when I do tune/gears, I'll probably do it along with a new DS.

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