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Originally Posted by JLomeStang View Post
I'm not arguing with you, because I don't know the facts... but where/how do you claim that? I have heard the exact opposite more than once on these forums, so once again... how do you know?
Forums are obvisouly not a reliable source of information. They do make great rumor mills though and they can and do spin both sides of the tale at once.

Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
2) Within those occurrences, nearly every single one of those cars had been driven hard prior to the occurrence
Therein lies the possibility that Speed Racer says he wasn't driving at 130, he probably was repeatedly in the past. The damage was already done. The DS fatigued under high stress and eventually gave out under "normal operating conditions"

Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
3) Assuming only 10,000 mustangs were built (yeah right, lol) and 50 of them were reported with a DS failure (I've yet to find even 15 report a broken DS), that's still less than half a percent.
I recognize you are being very conservative with your stats, but .5% (1 out of every 200) is an unacceptable failure rate for a courtesy light, let alone a drivetrain component. Still, I'd like to see sustantiated claims of 2 failures without any driving beyond the factory speed limiter

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