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So far I've found 4 in my search of the forums, where V6 owners had their busted Drive Shafts replaced under warranty. A 5th got his complete car replaced, because Ford totalled it. You would know this MCA if you actually read them.
I know in your mind these are all lying forum members, who modded their cars and abused the C$&@ out of them. But this guy is Canadian, mild mannered, they run from confrontation, probably quit reading and ran from this thread after they heard me say "stupid", and did I mention he's from Canada:shiny:.
Plus when Ford TOTALED his car, and bought him a new $30,000 dollar mustang they didn't at least do a quick cursory check of his ECM to make sure he wasn't driving 160MPH or whatever that is in KPH in Canada? Same thing with all the DS's replaced under warranty...
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