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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
IIRC, the video in the thread you pointed me to has comments (if you go to youtube) which states the dyno hit 160. I could be confusing it with another video of a driveshaft failure, but I think I have them right.

I was not referring to your Canadian comments. I can laugh at Canadians and Americans equally. No smiley required

You didn't hurt my feelings, your just coming across as an arrogant ***** (of the finger, of course), IMO. YMMV
Right, but the one going a 160mph didn't get warranty work did he? I don't think he did, that would be wrong, and ford shouldn't have if they did. I was refering to at least 5 others, 1 of which ford totalled his car(the Canadian).
Glad you can laugh at some of my comments any way.
JLome, you are stupid, shut up.

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