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Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
This is a pony car. If you think it's an economy car you should be looking at the Fiesta ,Focus or Fit.
Pony car, econmy car, muscle car, sports car, sporty pony car, economical mid-size car, whatever. It's a V6 whose selling points were power but also 31 MPG. Pretty economical, I'd say. Splitting hairs and it changes nothing.

I am very confident in what Ford has put together. I feel bad for those who have endured the short end of the stick, but I don't think Ford needs to recall our cars and change the driveshafts. Let them do something better with the future Mustangs. Until then, buy another driveshaft if it will give you peace of mind or get rid of your Mustang. it like grandma, or just get out there drive the thing silly and hope nothing breaks. Those are the choices every one of us has. Either way, this thread is going nowhere.
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