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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
No I didn't read through it, but I did just skim it to try and find the 4 cases. I'm not going to take internet posts as anything more than anecdotal information, not a source of reliable info.

It looks like at least 2 of the 4 cases had non factory gearing. One has 3.73s, another had 3.55s. A third case (the one with the video) as I recall did hit 162 mph on the dyno. I was only able to identify 3 cases, and did not want to go page by page through the thread to locate the 4th, but I will guess there were extenuating circumstances there as well

It is unclear whether Ford was aware of the non factory gearing or running at speeds 150% of the factory limiter. I am assuming nothing about the integrity of the forum members. Maybe they gave Ford full disclosure, maybe they lied through their teeth. I have no idea.

As an aside, I'm not sure why you are so friggin nasty.
Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
Right, but the one going a 160mph didn't get warranty work did he? I don't think he did, that would be wrong, and ford shouldn't have if they did. I was refering to at least 5 others, 1 of which ford totalled his car(the Canadian).
Glad you can laugh at some of my comments any way.
JLome, you are stupid, shut up.
Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
And that was the main point of my post too. These stock driveshafts are fine until you get any gearing higher than factory 3.31.

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Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
So far I've found 4 in my search of the forums, where V6 owners had their busted Drive Shafts replaced under warranty. A 5th got his complete car replaced, because Ford totalled it. You would know this MCA if you actually read them.
I know in your mind these are all lying forum members, who modded their cars and abused the C$&@ out of them. But this guy is Canadian, mild mannered, they run from confrontation, probably quit reading and ran from this thread after they heard me say "stupid", and did I mention he's from Canada:shiny:.
Plus when Ford TOTALED his car, and bought him a new $30,000 dollar mustang they didn't at least do a quick cursory check of his ECM to make sure he wasn't driving 160MPH or whatever that is in KPH in Canada? Same thing with all the DS's replaced under warranty...
OK, add one more to the DS replaced under warranty, because Ant Speeds was replaced by Ford. So 5 DSs, and 1 car totalled, for 6 all together(whhh used both hands for that). 5 of the 6 claimed here on the interwebz to be stock, without gears(even though as MCA pointed out they are probably liars), Ant Speed's was not stock and he drove his car like a rapped ape, but Ford was generous and replaced his. Or maybe he is the only honnest member on the forum, maybe. Then we have the Dyno's, tracks, and AM's car on top of those. Still to small of a sample for the thousands of cars ford has sold, but all within the first year of manufacture, which has elevated a new DS to the top of my mod list.
We now have 3 major companies making money selling DS's for our cars. Is ford ever going to do a recall, no, not unless more and more of these happen and it becomes an epidemic. But I think as time goes by we are going to see a lot more of these DS's explode. Maybe that is why the slower Obama motors Camaro, which has lost every comparrison test in every automotive review magazine is outselling the "better" Mustang. Maybe.
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