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Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
OK, add one more to the DS replaced under warranty, because Ant Speeds was replaced by Ford. So 5 DSs, and 1 car totalled, for 6 all together(whhh used both hands for that). 5 of the 6 claimed here on the interwebz to be stock, without gears(even though as MCA pointed out they are probably liars), Ant Speed's was not stock and he drove his car like a rapped ape, but Ford was generous and replaced his. Or maybe he is the only honnest member on the forum, maybe. Then we have the Dyno's, tracks, and AM's car on top of those. Still to small of a sample for the thousands of cars ford has sold, but all within the first year of manufacture, which has elevated a new DS to the top of my mod list.
We now have 3 major companies making money selling DS's for our cars. Is ford ever going to do a recall, no, not unless more and more of these happen and it becomes an epidemic. But I think as time goes by we are going to see a lot more of these DS's explode. Maybe that is why the slower Obama motors Camaro, which has lost every comparrison test in every automotive review magazine is outselling the "better" Mustang. Maybe.
That's odd that you would say they are stock, Ant Speed and others in the thread you furnished showed 3.55 and 3.73 gears and you can stop speaking for me. If you are going to expect that I do my homework and read the thread that you read, then I suggest you should do something to improve your reading comprehension.

So we're up to 6 now. Is that 6 out of roughtly 60,000 cars in the 2011/12 model years? 1/100th of 1% I would say that is stellar QC.

And as soon as a failure occurs on a dyno, you've changed the physics of the drivetrain and all bets are off. Last time I checked the power produced by a car does not rotate the road underneath. I'm not suggesting dynos are inherently bad for cars, but the interaction between a car and a drum rotating under the car's torque are quite different.

Ford can do warranty work at their discretion, but that has nothing to do with whether the cars were abused by Vin Diesel or driven by your grandmother

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