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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
The cause of the failure is not upgrading the gears, it is driving the car with upgraded gears at twice the speed limit.

You can't just slap on an aftermarket performance part (in this case gears) and push the car's limits without accepting that you might require other prerequisite upgrades

And my stated "5% of owners" is probably a gross exaggeration

Better engineered driveshafts are available. If you think Ford / Ford Racing should offer an aftermarket driveshaft, or even as a factory option, that makes perfect sense, but to put in a performance driveshaft as a stock part and bump the price of the V6 is a bad business move.
Originally Posted by DBBlackStang View Post
I think you're being a bit too dramatic. The factory speed limiter is there to prevent the driveshaft failure. If you decide to disable it, your call. Also, I have not heard of anyone dying from this....
Originally Posted by Jr's stang View Post
Yep, I'm with the masses on this one. The stock ds performs flawlessly under the conditions for which is was meant. If you want it to perform beyond stock expectation, expect to replace it.

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Originally Posted by GT Gone View Post
^^^Good point. Besides, I've never taken my car up to triple digit speeds except two times, and I used to live in the country. Those two times I was up in those speeds are not a speed I would recommend on a daily basis (or period).

The new V6 Mustang was about having affordable performance in a fuel efficient car, not the whole race package.

To be honest, if it's seriously a concern that you cant go 130 on a daily basis, then you're just straight up stupid. Ford isn't going to install a better DS stock and increase the price just so people can drive crazier and get in more wrecks from being idiots. If you want to go faster, that's what the aftermarket is for. And another question. WHAT kind of safety concerns are you talking about when you're going freaking 130 MPH?

I guess you want them to add some better tires on the car stock then, right? Because your stock tires sure as hell cant handle 130 MPH on a daily basis.
Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
And that was the main point of my post too. These stock driveshafts are fine until you get any gearing higher than factory 3.31.

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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
That's odd that you would say they are stock, Ant Speed and others in the thread you furnished showed 3.55 and 3.73 gears and you can stop speaking for me. If you are going to expect that I do my homework and read the thread that you read, then I suggest you should do something to improve your reading comprehension.

So we're up to 6 now. Is that 6 out of roughtly 60,000 cars in the 2011/12 model years? 1/100th of 1% I would say that is stellar QC.

And as soon as a failure occurs on a dyno, you've changed the physics of the drivetrain and all bets are off. Last time I checked the power produced by a car does not rotate the road underneath. I'm not suggesting dynos are inherently bad for cars, but the interaction between a car and a drum rotating under the car's torque are quite different.

Ford can do warranty work at their discretion, but that has nothing to do with whether the cars were abused by Vin Diesel or driven by your grandmother
I know it's hard MCA but try to focus, just like a laser beam. 5 (allegedly) stock cars, with no gears, under normal driving conditions, plus Ant Speeds unstock car with gears (3.55), had(allegedly) their DS's replaced under Ford warranty. Plus AM's car, CFM's car, all those Dyno's gone bad, etc...not under Ford warranty. This is out of 37,202 V6 mustangs produced in 2011, not 60K.

The OP may have been using the forum to Rant, maybe trolling, IDK. But the first 5 or 6 post on here, all said, and I paraphrase here, "that's only cause they had gears, and disabled the speed limiter" or "caused by bad dyno's running at 160+mph". When I stated that was not always the case, those cases were dismissed as lying bloggers on the interwebz. Ford is not going to recall these because they are not Honda, only if this gets much worse.

I didn't orginally post on this thread because it looked like the OP was ranting/trolling. Only when everyone pilled on, saying "yeah +1 on that ^, it's all due to mods and disabled speed limiters", then I piped in. I quit looking at this post after putting the second link, but I gave into temptation. I now see how wrong I was to try and reason with people who already completly have their minds made up on a subject. Don't confuse them with facts, because they are all lies and conspiracies on the interwebz if it doesn't fit their view. OK, now I'm done with this thread, way past time to move on.

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