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Airaid is going to win in this poll hands down, no questions asked... especially when compared to C&L out of all other choices..... I say this because 1. This poll has already been done before, 2. It's a thread that needs to stop getting posted (I know your new, so it's ok), and because Airaid has become the most commonly purchased CAI offered (at least in sales volumes).

Your going to see nearly identical results with all of these after market CAI's, so just pick one and be done with it. I went airaid for fit and somewhat of a stock look, and I haven't turned back since.

Also regarding the post asking about AEM and BBK.... I've heard good things about AEM, but BBK will probably lose in every poll, for every product they make, I personally don't know much about them so that opinion is NOT mine, but they don't have the greatest reputation around here for whatever reason.

I need to get bumped to mod status so I can merge all CAI threads together... I wasn't sure if I should laugh, or get annoyed when I saw this thread... lol.

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