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Originally Posted by wrxified View Post
This thread is truly a waste of bandwidth. It's like trying to sit around with a bunch of tree hugging hippies to determine the meaning of life. It's also one of probably less than 5 threads I've participated in, then purposefully clicked on the unsubscribe link to avoid further involvement.

There is no end to this type of discussion.
Yeah +1...... Looks like this thread is doing nothing but causing hatred amongst members for no necessary reason.... so let's all come to the following conclusion and end this perhaps?

1. The stock Drive Shaft is a piece of shi7
2. You have the option of replacing it if you would like
3. If you drive like an ass or do mods that put your car in a dangerous situation, it's your fault, not Fords.
4. Until it becomes a massively known issue, and injuries/deaths are related to it, nothing is going to be done about it.

and lastly, the fact that any of you are trying to use "forum searched" numbers as actual facts "like 6 driveshafts out of all Mustangs sold" is just simply retarded... you people do realize that MOST of the Mustang world has no idea this forum even exsits, never mind posts on it??? so you have heard of 6 issues out of members who post on forums, but you have no way of comparing numbers amongst the rest of the entire Mustang world... so once again, let's just get over it.. buy a DS if you want, don't buy a DS if you choose not too.


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