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This has got to one of the more idiotic threads I can recall recently. This thread is the equivalent of me getting 3.73, tune, exhaust, CAI........and then griping @ FOMOCO because they didn't put 285 rubber on the back so it will hook up. IF you wanna play, you gotta pay. The fundamental difference that all of the whiners are ignorance by owner, and ignorance by ford. Point being.... the car has the gear/limiter for a good reason.

1. The stock shaft is completely fine within the limits (speed limiter, gearing) of a stock car, aside from a handfull of unsubstantiated fluke incidents.

2. Ford is in no way obligated, nor do I expect them to put a DS in the car that will withstand 3.55/3.73/4.10 gears, or any tomfoolery on the dyno or otherwise with the limiter removed.

End of thread.

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