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Originally Posted by 6STANG View Post
now that is the kind of info we need, luv it!
got ant more trinkets of wisdom? :laughlitt
I have had the Steeda CAI on my car since the first month i bought it. (April '11) I love it. I run Steeda's 93 octane tune. I purchased the Bama tunes for life, and I'm not bashing Bama by any means. But Bama tunes with the Steeda CAI didn't feel as strong through the torque band as the Steeda tune that comes with the CAI. Bama has worked with me to try to get a tune that I liked and I do like their 93R tune. But, all in all, the Steeda tune seems stronger to me. That is only my opinion, and like I said, I am not trying to bash Bama.
Hope this helps.

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