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Originally Posted by Colonel Kurtz View Post
lol, This has been a rather funny and interesting thread.

Sorry but the whole " ford offers gears, so therefore they should acknowledge a problem with stock DS" is a completely stupid and ludicrous argument.

That would be like a 5.0 member on here Trying to get ford to acknowledge a integrity problem with the 5.0 engine, because he bought a ford racing supercharger, but because he wasn't smart enough to get forged internals, he blew the engine and now wants ford to acknowledge a problem and do something about it.

I think it is evident at this point our stock DS are not that strong. They could be ALOT stronger. Look at the companies that are now making replacement DS's. But............

if it was an unbelievable and unfortunate flaw in the DS design they would be poping left and right like teenies on prom night. And im sorry, but I have no tune, just AB's, and I drive my mustang well...... like it should be driven.

If it pops tomorrow ill say sh!t, and get ford to cover it, to get my DD back on the road ASAP, all while ordering a better one ASAP and puttin it on myself. These things are complex machines. Things break. If someone doesnt understand this about cars, especially sports cars, then you need to start riding a huffy to work everyday.

Also this is an online forum. You dont come on here if you hate mustangs, hate sports cars, hate modding, hate driving fast, or at least driving fast up too the speed limit (lol :hihi etc. I personally dont care if 5-6 people claim there were "driving normal" when the stock DS broke, as for all you know they could have been raggin the car out all week, and the one time they do drive normal, BOOM. For all you know they could be a fat chick named Pam, who really owns a Camaro, and loves toaster strudels. Lol,... this is a forum..... there is no such thing as credentials here.

So in summury, could the stock DS be better: OF COURSE!
Should everyone on here eventually get one: OF COURSE!
Is it a horrible design flaw: NO.

Because if it was... every single friggin' member in this sub-forum would have poped one by now... not just 5-6 "completely stock" drivers, plus more that actually admitted tunes and some race-inspired driving habits.

/ End thread.
Complex?What's so complex about a 2011 Mustang?Because it has VVT?Honda used in 1983 in their motor cycles and in 1989 in the DOCH b18 engines.Whats else is complex the electronic power steering?Honda has been using that since 2000.Maybe it's the 6 speed automatic transmission.I've worked on the Lexus IS F 8 speed automatic trans.It's just a car with a under engineered driveshaft that can break with less than a 30% HP or RPM increase.Just don't under inflate your tires you might have a roll over.

You don't need forged internals because you are now FI.I've installed many FI and nitrous applications and doubled or even tripled the factory output without going forged and with the proper tune the engines lived a long life.

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