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Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
Complex?What's so complex about a 2011 Mustang?Because it has VVT?Honda used in 1983 in their motor cycles and in 1989 in the DOCH b18 engines.Whats else is complex the electronic power steering?Honda has been using that since 2000.Maybe it's the 6 speed automatic transmission.I've worked on the Lexus IS F 8 speed automatic trans.It's just a car with a under engineered driveshaft that can break with less than a 30% HP or RPM increase.Just don't under inflate your tires you might have a roll over.
You are missing the point on literally everything I posted.
I dont give a rats ass who started what and what automobile company invented this or that. Nor do I care about your qualifications or your knowledge of general automobiles. ALL automobiles,........ ALL AUTOMOBILES are complex machines. It was a general statement. When you take any machine with hundreds of moving parts and abuse it, parts break or overtime become worn.

Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
You don't need forged internals because you are now FI.I've installed many FI and nitrous applications and doubled or even tripled the factory output without going forged and with the proper tune the engines lived a long life.
Once again I couldnt care less about "your" credentials putting FI or nitrious applications on various automobiles. Once again you missed the entire point of that specific example. And if you choose not to go forged internals on FI or nitrous application, once again good for you.
Maybe you should give Shelby a call and tell them to not use forged internals on their motors anymore since you have the qualifications and experience to enlighten them.
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