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Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
Complex?What's so complex about a 2011 Mustang? Because it has VVT? Honda used in 1983 in their motor cycles and in 1989 in the DOCH b18 engines. Whats else is complex the electronic power steering? Honda has been using that since 2000. Maybe it's the 6 speed automatic transmission. I've worked on the Lexus IS F 8 speed automatic trans. It's just a car with a under engineered driveshaft that can break with less than a 30% HP or RPM increase. Just don't under inflate your tires you might have a roll over.

You don't need forged internals because you are now FI. I've installed many FI and nitrous applications and doubled or even tripled the factory output without going forged and with the proper tune the engines lived a long life.
Just how many $40,000+ cars are you going to compare to the $22,000 3.7L Mustang? The IS F (around 2009 iirc) was a $60,000 flagship of the IS platform. You do realize that kind of puts it in more direct competition with the $45,000 GT500 of that year, right?

For the 3.7L (base) Mustang versus the IS 250 (base), you are getting 50% more horsepower (305 vs 205) for nearly 33% less money ($22k vs $30k). If you add 33% more horsepower onto the 250's base power, you only end up with 273 HP at the crank - no wonder it's driveshaft can handle that increase --- it's still not even as much as the OEM 3.7L Mustangs'. Go ahead and bring up the $40,000 IS 350. Let me just prepare a specs rip of the Boss 302, in advance. Or the GT Premium.

Even disregarding cost, in favor of the IS due to importation costs, this mean Ford's poorly engineered driveshaft can handle the IS 250's output just fine, and even after being modded for a 50% power boost --- That means Ford's poor engineering can manage all of Toyota's over-engineering...?
By your broken logic, that also means Toyota apparently under-engineers their engines. Not even going to let you rant on the idea I mean this implication. No, I know better. I also know the Lexus brand is a luxury brand, but it's not like the IS platform has any lower cost equivalent.

The two-of-three rule of automobiles: Fast, Reliable, Cheap. Pick two. People made that choice when they bought the 3.7L, the problem is that some people think they get all three if they cry louder than all the other kids.

You are a knowledgeable mechanic, I can appreciate that, I assure you. You don't understand engineering, though. The (unfortunately) most important aspect of engineering is cost. If you're serious about all the things you've been posting here, you're going to want to re-read what a lot of people have been writing here. For all your spitting facts out, you might just take away something to reflect on.

The stock DS on the 3.7L is unimpressive. Nothing new. Spend a few bills and get an aftermarket part, or get a different car. It's not that hard, and it didn't require another thread. People have been playing this game for decades. And no, Ford doesn't owe on it. They're selling a car for a fraction of what 300 stock HP cost 10 years ago.

Also, the Firestone rollovers were caused by idiots over-inflating their tires. This was caused by the inexperienced and knowledgable-but-wrong (looking right at you, when I say this) impression that the tires weren't supposed to sag the way they did, the way they were supposed to. And because of said idiots, we all now have to pay extra for sensors, calibrators/shop time, and the consideration for TPMS, when we buy wheels/tires.

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