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Originally Posted by JPerales View Post
What about the steeda CAI? its so expensive compared to the others. Is it worth it?
OK J.P. I'll be nice and try to answer your question. I noticed everyone ignored it and went on with their conversations, because this CAI subject has been beat to death on this forum. TJ from Steeda was on the 2011+ section the other day, and he posted this: Why Steeda Cold Air Intakes Blow Away The ‘Competition’ Steeda Blog
It is the better of the CAI's I believe, but only by the smallest of margins. Most of us don't want to spend that much more for the tiniest of improvements. If you get one, buy it from the Steeda website, way cheaper than any middle man.
Now please buy the Airaid, JLT, or Steeda(alphabetical order) and maybe we can be done with this once and for all. Maybe.
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