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One of the most important qualities of any company is how they respond when a mistake is made. When you run a large warehouse mistakes will be made.
I ordered 2 Roush keychains from Stage3 Motorsports and they were not like the picture on their website. It's not a lot of money, so it will be a good test on how they handle things. If a company takes care of the little orders, it will show what type of company theyy are.
Now about my 2012 RS3, I love this car. I love the sound, the power and how it drives.:kooky:. I am glad I waited to buy one, saved 10,000 off sticker. I had a 2011 GT and that car was a blast, but the RS3 is crazy. People often post that you can't have too much power, this car does not have too much power but this is the first car I owned in a long time that doesn't leave me wanting more power.
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