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Sub Set Up

So I want to add a sub to stang here is my plan. What do you guys think ?

I'm going to be using a audio control Lc2i

AudioControl LC2i 2-channel line output converter for adding amps to your factory system at

Going to be tapping in to the rear speakers Or the amp powering the 8s up front
Not sure what's better to tap in ?
I have a shacker 500

For an amplifier I'm going to be using a phoenix tantrum 1200.1 It's a monster 1400 wats @ 2 ohm. I've had this amp in my closet for 6 years. Time to bring it out and put it on the stang....

I haven't decided on a cap yet. Recommendation

Going to a single
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

The reason Why i selected this sub was price and best match up for my amps power out put. I've never heard in person but I keep reading good things about This sub.

For a box I'm going to use a
Custom Sub Enclosure | Affordable Sub Box
I hope it's a good box. Anybody used them before ?

Install will be soon.

Any recommendation besides upgrading the 6/8s that's next on the hit list.

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