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aftermarket radio shorting out

So I had two subs and my amp in the trunk. Apparently the amp was over rated on power, underpowered the subs and burnt up. Being an aftermarket radio in my 2008 v6, I can the power to the accessory fuse on the passenger side. The day that the amp stopped working I took everything out, minus the radio. On that day, the fuse in the line that powers the radio started burning out.

I checked the lines and can't find a place that might be causing the radio to short out. I've been using a 10 amp fuse in the line and it had been working fine, but now it blows after just a few minutes of use. The radio workable fine during those few minutes though.

Is there something wrong with my head unit? Is it possible that it was affected in any way by what happened with the amp?

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