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Originally Posted by ept5.0stang View Post
i have the base system so it really sucks i already have had a couple systems in different cars but this is my first mustang and so i wanna do everything the right way. and i kinda already know more or less what i want to put in. im just woundering if anyone has any suggestions or even knows how to install in this model that can give me tips
I redid my 11GT. Here is how:

Disassembling a 2011 Mustang GT for a stereo install

I changed the fronts and rears, added a Stealthbox to the trunk, and added amplification for the whole works.

Stock head unit, you cannot tell anything was changed (until you turn on the stereo, then it's pretty obvious )

You can see the final results of the remaining trunk space here:

2011 Mustang GT

Don't lose much mounting the amps like this.
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