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Im sitting here in my car with my ohm meter, everything pulled out. 3 speakers read out a steady 3.9-4.0 ohms. One speaker however fluctuated between 3.5 and 4.5.

Being different from the others, does it seem to you that this would be my problem?

This being the case, would this issue be something that would have affected the signal to my subs? Because the amp powers on and all, but the subs weren't hitting which is why I assumed the problem was with the amp. (I measured the ohms from the subs and they were fine). I never noticed the amp being hot like it was burning up, but the audio installation place suggested that the amp being burnt up was the problem. I have no idea if the faulty speaker in the cab would have any relation.

and on a side note, there are two, sort of mini subs in the doors, but I don't really know anything about them. They came in the car from the factory. This photo is just showing that my remote turn on it connected to the power for my radio, I'm just trying to give you any information that might be relevant. This photo is of the wiring harness itself. The red and white RCA are coming from another harness that the install shop put in to send a signal to the subs in the door. Hope this helps you understand what I'm working with!
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