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Originally Posted by jcap View Post
I agree with Grimace, ask for the bleeding procedure used, ask where in the service Manuel the procedure is described. There is no bleeder valve in the clutch hydraulics on 2011 and up mustangs.

OAC-Sparky: How can you vacuum bleed when there is no bleeder valve ? You vacuum bleed brakes at the caliper bleeder valve, why would you modify the master cylinder cap? A pressure bleeder is applied to the master cylinder not a vacuum bleeder, perhaps you are confusing the two, however I don't know how either can work without a bleeder valve. That dealer was not being honest .
No, I'm not confusing the two. It's how we fill the brake (and clutch and A/C) systems in the plant. You apply the vacuum to the reservoir cap drawing air out, when you release the vacuum the oil backfills it. In the plant we evacuate the system we are filling, the machine goes on the reservoir and evacuates the system, the vacuum is held and a valve opens and the fluid rushes in.

Edit: I guess Grimace was posting when I started writing this.

Anyways the PDF attached is the proper shop manual method to bleed the clutch.

Edit #2: Instead of a stopper in the kit I'm attaching a fitting to an extra master cylinder cap to attach to the vacuum pump I have for vacuum bleeding brakes.
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