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Originally Posted by Scotty07 View Post
Do I swap out the HU for something like a Kenwood KIV-BT901 digital media receiver and a Metra single DIN kit?


Do I stick with the stock (base model) HU and add a processor, 5 channel AMP, and sub?

I really don't want to spend the $$$ to do both, so which do you think would give me the better results?
SQ wise.. I get MS-8 ($400) then run cheap amp (which I listed already) and replace front two speakers from components and get ported subwoofer. Only reason I replace the deck is if I didn't have line input for iphone/media device.

Originally Posted by Jiffy View Post
Here are the Focals that I got.

Focal Access 165CA1 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers at

Overall it has improved the quality a lot, but seams like it's still missing something.

Being a noob at car audio, am I correct in thinking of adding a 5-channel amp as my next step so that I would be able to ad a sub through that same amp in the future?
Honest here Focal you listed would pretty well with AMP. These are only $150 speakers and coaxial speakers not component speakers. General Coaxial run fine of deck and components need an amp. Other question is did you dynamat or fatmat the door. This IMO would make more of a difference then Amp. BTW get Focal V30 I listed before from eBay ($260) which normally $600 even w/o Amp you see a big difference.

Originally Posted by midnite8511 View Post
I should have mentioned that I already have a set of Morel components, my main questions is which way to run either a processor or a line out converter, I dont really want to replace the factory head unit. I can see the processors being better
MS-8 I listed for $400 from JBL is better deal and really make a difference in SQ. And for $400 that is a steal. MS-8 is same auto-correction in higher end home theater setups with microphone and taking levels but for you car.

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