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Originally Posted by Joenpb View Post
While that is all well & good I don't feel the need for a processor. It would be interesting to listen to systems side by side, to hear any differences. My guess is it would be very diffecult to tell the differnce between my setup & one with a processor (outside the use of test equipment). I can tell you my system doesn't have any distortion, & it cranks. :smoke:
have you not heard a home theater stereo w/auto correction on/off aka (Audyssey)

noticeable difference.. the car environment kills certain frequencies ranges and not others. Do a search or look at some of the links I posted with MS-8 reviews.. these people are doing for there health and it isn't the placebo effect. I wouldn't say night and day.. but what is.. notice increase in SQ. For beginner it is great IMO. But for a person like me where you can remove your crossovers and run MS-8 as crossover for your components even better.

Go to home theater store and ask them if they notice a difference with Audyssey or better yet let them give you a listen.

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