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Originally Posted by 08GT08 View Post
Just switched out my stock front speakers with a set of Polk DXI570s and I'm not totally satisfied. They are clearer, but the highs are a it hissy..

Listening to all kinds of music...hip hop, rock, name it.

Any suggestion on a better option? I'm considering sending them back.
If you can, try to audition other choices at local car audio specialty shops, and take it from there. They will sound diffrent than in your car of cousre, but it will help you select the best ones for your taste. Also, it would not hurt to take a CD or an MP3 player with music you are familiar with as a reference. I have a set of Polks (all around) in my 2010 Kona Blue, would I recomend them? YES, but I know there are many tastes out there, so maybe these were not for you. So my recomendation: Keep auditioning locally (or purchase). If you buy them online you will have a better idea what they sound like when you get them. Godspeed.

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