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Originally Posted by chrisfromalbany View Post
for speakers you put 6 1/2 where the door subwoofers would normally go? Where did you find the aftermarket a pillars and were airbags located in a pillars? Overall look very nice. I'm guessing you dynamated the doors to some degree when installed the comps?
@chris - I paid Creative Audio Werks in Phoenix to do this install (~$800). Still feeling the pain from that one. BUT, they did a heck of a job. It looks very professional. Those are stock a-pillars. They took them out and cut them, drilled a port for the tweeter, then mounted it behind the speaker cloth so it would not protrude and look "aftermarket". The rest of the SR60 went into the regular door speaker location. This is a base model GT without the shaker system so there are no door subs. They did dynamat the doors, yes. I don't keep up with audio tech/trends anymore. Timing - I understand now what you meant, but I left that up to Rick to tune since I paid him lots of good money for the install.

@theotherguy - I told Rick that I was *most* interested in high fidelity / quality sound not LOUD. If I wanted to win sound contests I would have put 10 or 15 12" subs in the trunk and a gadzillion watts of amps. The difference between pointing the sub front or back is probably immeasurable. The system is already capable of being too loud as it is so I don't see the point you are trying to make. Rick is a pro, has numerous awards in the business.

Now, he quoted me $250-$300 to install the head unit and metra dash kit.... more pain. Or I could try to do it myself...

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