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2012 Mustang V6 Driveline Vibration when letting off gas

I have a 2012 grabber blue v6 mustang with the performance package, and it is certainly a great car. I have several minor complaints with it though. The minor one is that the v6 doesn't have good low end torque but the main problem I have is that, when I let off of the gas, whether cruising or accelerating, there is a vibration through the driveline that I can feel when I grip the stick and feel through the body of the car. I'm currently away at college and will be home in several weeks, so I was going to bring it into my local dealership to have it checked out. The only thing I can think of is that there is possibly a balancing problem with my engine? What do you all think? I've never had a V6 before, my first car was a 65 with a 289HiPo V8, but I have heard that v6 engines are less balanced than an 8 or 4 cylinder because of their geometry, but I don't think something like that could contribute to as great as a vibration as I am feeling. What are y'alls opinions?

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