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But Ford Racing is offering the gears to exceed the driveshafts rpm's limits.All I ask is for Ford to be logical about this.They do offer a racing division right?I don't want any of my fellow Mustang enthuist to be injured.There's no amount of money that can justify a humans life.I've lost a few friends to racing both cars and motorcycles.
No ford is not, it only just happens that we have the same 8.8" differentials in our cars those gears are not targeted at just us V6 two piece drive shaft owners. The fact is it just happens we have interchangeable gears as its cost effective to not alter all the models to extremely. Its been posted many times and anyone who has been racing cars for a while knows you take a bone stock vehicle as soon as you start the upgrades you better make sure everything is supported.

Larger pistons, more fuel etc better make sure your internals are forged and you have the cooling for it, race gears, stall converters or other tranny upgrades you better make sure your suspension, DS, engine mounts etc are up to snuff.

I have yet to read anyone posting their DS exploded going to buy milk =)
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