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Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
Then you haven't done much reading at all. 5 bone stock mustangs cruising at normal speeds, all replaced under warranty. Plus all the nonstock racing and dyno cases. If you figure less than 1% of owners are forum members, these things fail way more than they should. You'd expect those kinds of failures 5-10 years down the road, not on an almost new cars.
Sorry not buying it, videos of these bone stock never abused mustangs cruising at normal speed or it didn't happen. Even if you gauge it by youtube videos I am expecting to see more than 4 to 5 videos for this wide spread epidemic.

And non stock racing and dyno cases do not count if they routinely go above the rev limit.

Sorry man I have to believe what I have read, and watched and I searched this forum already and few others and I am not seeing anymore failures with these DS on "non abused" cars than I am blown window regulators.

I think my point still stands, you mod your car you better shore up all the supporting components. For the very few who have had failures well below rated specs (if that is true) that sucks but I know 7 guys personally that have GTs, and V6 in my group and out of all of our cars are driven hard and nothing stock shafts.

Don't not get me wrong I am sure there are failures that are quite that just plain bad parts, but for the most part even if you watch the videos none of these people are taking sunday drives to the church. show me a vid that shows a failure at 30MPH and maybe I will change my mind. :nogrinner And I am all for getting ford to put a beefier DS in, personally I think that should never be a weak component to begin with IMO our DS's should support the max our cars can go and a little overhead stock, so in that respects I am in agreement with most posters. Just not agreeing that anyone who has done any mods or murders the road every time they drive should expect much out of the vanilla DS.

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