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That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. You're telling me you set up a video camera in your car every time you slowly cruise to church on Sunday, or drive the groceries home from the store. So therefore it never happened. I do know that ford downloaded the ECMs before they replaced all those drive lines, and in the one other case completly totaled the guys car due to the driveshaft blowing up. And ford's diagnosis of unabused cars, with stock speed limiters is good enough to convence me.

No I am saying that while I believe its possible for there to be defective auto parts, that the numbers stated are far lower than some of these forum members are portraying the issue to be, and out of that number that is reported that not all of them are telling the truth on the treatment of the vehicle, or what they were doing when the shaft failed.

None of us know the true number of shaft failures or of what % of those are honestly just a failure or an abused failure, even if there were 700 failures (rough number) which is like 1% of the total Mustangs sold in 2011 and not knowing how many are V6 models of that number, its not a rampant defect. The problem is not the failures that are valid claims its the ones that screw up the numbers due to abuse of the vehicle and routinely taking it over the RPM limits of the shaft. I complete agree the shaft should be able to support higher loads than we can put on it stock, but I just cannot believe every failure that is claimed to be normal use is completely true, you can agree to disagree with me that's your right but do not call my views dumb because you don't agree with it. I think my point is valid.
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