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Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
By far the dumbest thing is how long this thread has drug on and on...
I've been lied to many times on every continent, so I take most everything I hear with a grain of salt. But when people post that ford is replacing their DS, or their entire car, that's just a silly thing to lie about. Why not just say it blew up and I'm buying a 1 piece aluminum shaft now?
The statement I explained as being dumb was,
"Sorry not buying it, videos of these bone stock never abused mustangs cruising at normal speed or it didn't happen."
As I said before, that makes no sense.
I think if this thread gets 5 more post then the OP gets a free set of steak knives, sadly he's probably in luck.
I thought this was the rant thread? no? bump for free steak knives
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