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3.7L V6 ping on hard acceleration

Hey all.

I know I have seen this discussed before, but I cannot find how to do a forum-specific search within this group. So sorry, at the risk of repeating:

1,600 miles on my new 2012 V6. Bone stock original. Running 89 octane (87 first fillup, 89 since then).

I am getting a tapping or pinging on hard acceleration. Goes with engine speed. Only time I hear it is acceleration. I am guessing it is "knocking" as we used to call it. Only on my old, OLD cars with iron engines it sounded a LOT different. This pinging is much more quiet and higher pitched.

I have read on the forum before someone said that the ECU should be able to sense and account for pre-ignition and knocking regardless of octane used, and adjust accordingly to alleviate it. Does not seem to be happening. (My Nissan V6 does, and does it very well.)

Any thoughts? See the dealer? Much appreciated!


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