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Hello, I just bought a 2011 Candy Red Premium V6 Convertible from a private dealer and it was a CA Hertz rental. It seems in great condition overall, looks fantastic inside and out, so far so good for the last two weeks. I bought an ESP from Ford. It had 40K miles which does seem high for a 2011 but it's been in service since mid 2010. Cost was $20k plus tax/lic. I was hesitant but I called some of the dealers customers and they were all very happy with theirs. It was 5K under franchise dealers and 3k under CARMAX so I thought we got a good deal. They seem to be selling higher out here in CA. I love it! Will keep you posted in the future. 2012's were even higher. Great deal to Clueby in Mo on the 2012 with 24K mi on it!
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