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You guys are such spoilsports! You're gonna talk someone out of the thrill, the mystery & the fun of a pseudo-new car with only 9,741 miles inflicted on it by 114 different renters in the past 183 days of service.

Think of what they might miss out on, if they don't buy that "nearly new" Budget V6 with a mysterious dark patch on the passenger's seat... You know, the one that smells like a mixture of baby wipes, Mentos and Taco Bell? It's only bad when you leave it in the sun with the windows rolled up. And how often ya gonna do that?

Is this the same car that did 147 miles on I-65 with the e-brake squealing away when that nice marketing gal from Rochester was taking a conference call on her Blackberry? And think of the happy memories left by the newlyweds on their way to Philly, you know, the ones who squirted a little personal lubricant on the tach? And the radio. And the e-brake handle. And straight into the cup holders too?

No, I want the red 'vert rented by the family that did a three day jaunt to Orlando and back, the nice folks who somehow spot-welded half a bag of Skittles to the front carpet, after dousing the back seat with a liter of Code Red. You can't even see that dent in the trunk, and the "executive sales team" threw in some brand-new floor mats: it's a freakin' steal.

Yeah that's the car I want.

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