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Originally Posted by MustangChris810 View Post
Or I can continue buying new ones for under invoice and having the best of both worlds.

Persoanlly, IMO if you think you want a car that is only 1-2 years old with 0-20000 miles, you should just look at a new one. Even the 2013 GT's are selling for invoice minus incentives. If you can find a 2012 still they are dirt cheap. A used rental just doesn't do it for me, hell any used car just doesn't do it for me. Not in this new day and age of cheap new cars.
My experience with owning new cars and trading them prior to 60 or 80k miles in the last 25 years or so is that the cost/ mile for me is probably cheaper than the next owner. So, no, I'm not an advocate of a 20k mile car instead of a new one, unless you're really tight on cash and just can't swing that last few thousand, or your credit sucks.

To me if you're going to buy used buy well used like the 05 that I have now for my daughter's DD. My first "mod" was correcting the myriad problems with previous mods. If that had been a car direct from Hertz I wouldn't have had to do that.

Second was a new suspension and third was new upholstery- both very inexpensive. Mine was a one-owner but if the first owner had been Hertz I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

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