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I bought mine used from a dealer that had purchased it from a "fleet" service. I saved over $14,000 off the new sticker. It was "cheap" AND has value. Other than a small scrape on the front bumper you'd be hard pressed to know it wasn't brand new. It was one year old with 24,000 miles on it and had an original sticker of over $34k..2011 V6 Premium Vert. To say it has no value just because it was previously a rental is ridiculous. At least rentals have had SOME maintenance done on them. I know private individuals who have NEVER changed their oil or any other routine maintenance. I don't what you all do in rentals? When it's necessary for me to get one its usually for an all highway trip to another city within about 4-6 hours away for business purposes. I don't abuse it any more than my own personal vehicle. I drive it to a destination and drive it back home.

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