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I hardwired a couple accessories in (radar detector and dash cam) I found there was only about 5 fuses in the interior fuse box(passenger foot well) that cycles with the ignition. I ended up using a add a circuit on fuse #33 (which is listed as a spare on my car) and my stuff comes on and off with the car.

As well If i remeber correctly the fuses directly above and below 33 are also switched but have something already assigned to them so the spare is obviously the best choice.

Depending on year your results might vary so identify it with a meter first to double check.

As well to help others out here is a listing out of the service manual of what each fuse does.

1 30A Driver rear window (convertible only)
2 15A Not used (spare)
3 15A SYNC
4 30A Passenger rear window (convertible only)
5 10A Brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI)
6 20A Turn signals, Hazard flashers
7 10A Left low beam headlamp
8 10A Right low beam headlamp
9 15A Courtesy lamps
10 15A Switch illumination
11 10A Security module
12 7.5A Power mirrors
13 5A Not used (spare)
14 10A Center information display, Electronic finish panel, GPS
15 10A Climate control
16 15A Not used (spare)
17 20A Power door locks, Trunk release
18 20A Not used (spare)
19 25A Navigation amp
20 15A Diagnostic connector
21 15A Fog lamps
22 15A Park lamps, License lamps
23 15A High beam headlamps
24 20A Horn
25 10A Demand lighting (battery saver)
26 10A Cluster (battery)
27 20A Ignition switch feed
28 5A Audio mute (start)
29 5A Camera (run/start)
30 5A Temperature sensor motor
31 10A Restraints control module (RCM)
32 10A Not used (spare)
33 10A Not used (spare)
34 5A Electronic stabilitycontrol
35 10A Auxiliary body module (ABM) run/start
36 5A Passive anti-theftsystem (PATS)
37 10A Not used (spare)
38 20A Not used (spare)
39 20A Radio/Navigation
40 20A Not used (spare)
41 15A Accessory delay (windows, automatic dimming rear view mirror [including microphone and compass] and door switch III)
42 10A Not used (spare)
43 10A Heated seat relay coils
44 10A Not used (spare)
45 5A Wiper relay and module, Blower relay
46 7.5A Passengerairbag deactivation indicator (PADI), Occupant
classification sensor (OCS)
47 30A Circuit Breaker Not used (spare)
48 Relay Accessory delay relay (windows, automatic dimming rear view mirror [including microphone and compass] and door switch III)

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