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Stereo System Problem in 97' Stang.

Ok so here's the situation. I've had the car for about 1 month and a half now. It's had like 5 owners. I've been driving almost everyday. like 30 of the last 35 days. I was driving last week, and I noticed that there was a small staticy noies coming from all my speakers. I turned the music up, and the buzzing gets worse. But here's the weird thing. My right front speaker has never worked. And When I change the fade too Front left, Rear left, and Rear right, I get no static at all. But as soon as I use all of them, the static comes back. It just randomly happened I think while I was driving.

Here is another weird thing: When the car is only running on the battery, not fully on, all 3 speakers sound fine at the same time at max volume.

Obviously my speakers are not blown.

I also have two wires in the back of my trunk that were probably hooked up to subs. In the trunk I also have a JVC 12 disc changer.

Thats about all the details I have.

Can someone please give me some insight I can't listen to music above volume 18 without hearing static noise. Please help.

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