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My exhaust actually got me out of trouble :D

Long story short, last week I was coming home from work and this jerk was tailgating me in a 25mph zone (I was going 40mph which is already ticket worthy). So I decided to give him a little more of a challenge. I slowed down to 20 in 2nd gear and then applied ~70% of the throttle and left him.

Too bad a cop was perched at the next corner. I honestly had no idea how fast I was going so I was freaking out. The first thing the cop said to me was "That is a great sounding car."

Luckily for me, what could have been a warm night in jail turned out to be just a warning thanks to my spotless history (well, except when I wrecked my car in high school). I knew I was being totally stupid, so I confessed everything and was 100% honest. After he gave me the warning, he said that I had the best sounding car in town and that he was hoping that the other guy was going to speed so that he could have pulled him over instead.

Cool story, I know.

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