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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
You will get a check engine light for catalytic converter below efficiency even with high-flow cats installed. However it won't put the engine in danger by itself. What I would pay very close attention to is the Oxygen sensor wiring harness. DO NOT USE EXTENSIONS. If your headers come with extensions, throw them away. The factory harness can be extended to fit the new headers' o2 sensor location by removing a tie-down on the upper bolt of the trans bellhousing.

I would take a canned tune from an experienced 5.0 tuner over a custom dyno tune from a local shop any day. The shop that dyno'd my car did not even know the 1:1 gear ratio. I am lucky to have some of the top shops with a few hour drive but not everyone can say that.
Might I ask why the extensions that came with the Kooks headers are not recommended?
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