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Originally Posted by G-Mann View Post
Going to be a nice configuration when your done OP. I do have a question for you. What are your plans for your yearly emission testing????

I came close to pulling the trigger on some LT's and high flow cats myself but I hear they are a hit or miss when it comes to emissions testing and with those O2's turned off will be an automatic fail and with them on its a hit or miss if they will throw engine codes, which is a fail if they do?

Unless I am missing something????

P.S. You may also want to check out Gear Heads over in Arlington for a custom tune. I've seen some brand new Shelby's roll through their for upgraded super chargers and custom tunes.
Thanks G-Mann I am thrilled to hear how it sounds. I have also heard mixed reviews on the subject of emmisions testing and my plan is to simply take the car to various places until I can get it to pass. Some places around my town will pass the car if you slip them a $100. I will have to check that place out! Would you say they are a very reputable company? How much more would the car benefit from a dyno tune as opposed to a 93R tune from BAMA.
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