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Originally Posted by cpembach1 View Post
Thanks G-Mann I am thrilled to hear how it sounds. I have also heard mixed reviews on the subject of emmisions testing and my plan is to simply take the car to various places until I can get it to pass. Some places around my town will pass the car if you slip them a $100. I will have to check that place out! Would you say they are a very reputable company? How much more would the car benefit from a dyno tune as opposed to a 93R tune from BAMA.
Thanks for the feedback, you will have to PM me when you find a mod friendly emissions shop.

Without a doubt a custom dyno tune will net you the better results but the bama 93R tunes are pretty darn good and I dont think you will "seat of your pants" feel the difference between it and a custom dyno tune. I believe for simple bolt on's, a reputible email tuner will be sufficient and tunes for life goes a long way when your still making modifications to your car. I would reserve that custom tune for A. when I start making more involved modifications or B. When I'm finnished making mods and want to in turn squeak out every last bit of HP/TQ.

With the above said, just be sure to get some datalogs to send back to BAMA, even better, take it over to Gear Heads and have them dyno and datalog it and ship the information over to BAMA for you. 3 pulls for around $70 and they have a unofficial working relationship with Bama.

Congrats on the upgrades!!!

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