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Audio upgrades for 2008 Mustang GT Coupe with Shaker 500

Proud new owner here of a 2008 Mustang GT Coupe. Not so proud of the factory Shaker 500 sound. Not looking to win any contests, but the sound from the factory system in my wife's 2007 Camry SE is head and shoulders better. I've done a ton of reading here and other places, and a ton of research. Don't want to spend thousands of dollars on the audio, either. That would interfere with buying one of DOB's manifolds. Just looking for better sound.

First step is to replace the factory 6x8s in the doors and rear deck. I listened to a bunch and bought two pairs of Infinity Kappa 682.9CF speakers. Those will (hopefully) make it in this weekend. Seems like just this change should make quite a bit of difference.

If not, I'm planning to add an amp. Opinions about amps seem almost religious. After reading lots of reviews, most of which are positive for almost every amp, I think I would get a JL Audio JX360/4. Those are available from numerous sources for about $150 shipped. It has speaker level inputs, so I can just tap into the speaker wires off the Shaker 500. I plan to mount it in the trunk, in anticipation of a possible sub. Is adding this amp a reasonable second step?

Couple of questions. One is the amp turn-on connection. Do I just tap into the ignition lead that's going into the Shaker head and run that to the amp? Second, is using the speaker level inputs on the amp acceptable or should I use a line level converter?

I'm considering adding a sub, too. I'd build a box to fit in the trunk and give me mounting points for both the JX360/4 and the sub amp. Perhaps something like a JL Audio 10W1v2-4, available for about $130-140 shipped. Not sure about what amp, though. Perhaps the JL Audio JX250/1. But I could get another JX360/4 for only a bit more cash. Then my plan would be to bridge two channels of the second JX360/4 to the 10" trunk sub and use the other two channels for the door subs. Possibly replace those with the Shelby Kicker door subs.

If I do this, can I just run the same speaker level inputs to both amps? Is it worth bothering to replace the door subs or run them off a new amp?

I've considered other amps like the Alpine MRX-F30 or Sony Xm4s. Both are less powerful, but more compact than the JL amps. I can't really get a read on which amps are better or worse. Lots of opinions, but seems like for every person that says A is better than B, someone else says the reverse.

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