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Originally Posted by cpembach1 View Post
Okay, headers are installed with the catted X and exhaust, and I loaded the 93 Bama Race tune- wow what a difference. It is a whole new beast! My only new concern is that the check engine is now throwing codes for p0420 and p0430 (low catalyst efficiency) in bank 1 and 2. It came on last night and I cleared it, and drove it about 20 miles maybe less and now on my way to work the light came on again- same codes. I reset it again, and I submitted a request for a revised tune from BAMA. Until this new tune arrives, Is my car fine to drive with those codes being thrown? Is the engine running any different? (leaner, richer) and whatnot as I do not want to replace another engine like I did a few months ago with the cylinder #8 failure.....
My car had 0420 and 0430 codes for several thousands of miles before I had the Rear O2's turned off.... There should not be any negative impact from a catalyst below threshold condition... YMMV.

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