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Thanks, still thinking about it (upgrading rears). As to the bass, I think it is ok (not great bit not too bad, if you don't want a lot of bass) and from what I have read about the upgrades, people haven't been happy, I would probably just do a sub in the trunk, which I hate to give up any space. One of the best feature of the Stang Vert is you can easily put two large golf bags in the trunk with room for some weekend luggage with the top down... try to do that in any sport car, yet alone a vert, and one that is 0-60 in the low 4's! To that end Brembo car's do not have a spare, the audio boys where all over using that space for two 10" subs with amp and signal processor in the wheel well, which would cause me not to loose any trunk space, would be cool and a great set up, but very expensive... if I keep the car long term I may do this... started with front speakers huge improvement, probably do the rears... and so it begins, I want more, more, more
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